The book Among Gnomes and Trolls no 6, 1913


I was never afraid of trolls. Little trolls were
often my playmates in my imagination. 

As John Bauer’s niece, I grew up with and was affected by John’s
pictures, which decorated the walls of my childhood home from
floor to ceiling. I also listened intently to the stories of his life and
childhood. The key to John’s art lies in his affinity with nature and
his ability to create a fairytale world that children and adults alike
find believable and intriguing.

It is a world in which physical reality and mysticism come together
in the same image. Trolls are kind and curious about people, and
want to emulate them. The forest is genuinely Swedish, and we
recognize the clothing and details from various eras. 

Margaretha Blomberg Bauer

for his illustrations for the children’s publication Bland Tomtar
och Troll (Among Gnomes and Trolls)
, which was published
around Christmas from 1907 to 1915, except in 1911. But he
also illustrated many other things, and he worked with etching,
murals, and in theater. In addition to Sweden, John Bauer
participated in exhibits in the US, Italy, Germany, and England.


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